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Availability for this coming season will depend on the rehab, Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez said Tuesday. May be able to come back in late September, October, we don know yet. And he was having a really good spring, so that unfortunate. HONOLULU The future of the annual Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational is uncertain. A day after longtime sponsor Quiksilver announced it withdrew sponsorship, event director Glen Moncata said it may be too difficult to find another sponsor to cover hefty expenses in time to run the contest.The Aikau family says it will hold a press conference at its estate in Pauoa on Tuesday.Moncata, Quiksilver’s sales vice president, said one of the most expensive fees is paying for internet access at Waimea Bay, which can cost around $250,000.The surfing retail company has partnered with the Aikau family for the past 30 years to put on the invitation surf contest. On Sunday, the company announced it was not able to reach a contract agreement with the Aikaus.Last October, a contract dispute between Quiksilver and the family put the world famous contest in jeopardy, but both parties were able to reach an agreement in time and the 32nd annual Eddie was a go at that time.Quiksilver said it is open to renegotiating next year.We’ll have more on this story on Island News at 5, 6 and 10.Hawaiian Airlines engine catches fire as it lands in SeattleHawaiian Airlines engine catches fire as it lands in SeattleA Hawaiian Airlines plane landed at the Seattle Tacoma International Airport with flames coming from one of its engines.A Hawaiian Airlines plane landed at the Seattle Tacoma International Airport with flames coming from one of its engines.Mack of all trades: Cacao farming at Dole’s Waialua Estate Pt.

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